Salem Balhamer General Contracting Co. Ltd.. Executing quality projects Assuring to the company’s leadership in the contracting sector in the Kingdom

18 November، 2023 / 20:40

Confirming its leadership in the contracting sector in the Kingdom and the Gulf countries, “Salem Balhamer General Contracting Company Limited” succeeded in implementing a number of qualitative projects in the Eastern Province and the Kingdom of Bahrain with efficiency and quality, which contributed to qualifying the company to be a contractor approved by many public agencies and real estate development companies in the Kingdom, the most important of which are: SABIC, the National Housing Company, and a number of other companies.

During the past year, the company contributed to many projects, the most important of which are: Implementation of buildings (classrooms and toilets) attached to the Early Childhood Initiative for 30 schools in Dammam, Al-Ahsa, Al-Nairiya and Al-Qatif, with a financial value of more than 48 million riyals. The Al Farida Residential Compound was implemented in the city of Dammam on the Riyadh Road, with a financial value of about 70 million Riyals. In addition to the company’s success in implementing the Ventura tower project in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, with a financial value of about 140 million Riyals.

The company has also implemented many other diverse projects such as: A middle school in Taibah neighborhood in Dammam, the KFUPM business park project in Dhahran, and a modernized middle school in Al Shati neighborhood in Qatif, in addition to the implementation of a residential building (Al Noor Building) in Dammam, whose total values exceeded 43 million riyals.

The company is currently working on implementing a number of important projects, in various cities of the Kingdom, with a total value of about 300 million riyals, on top of which is The Ark project in Dammam, and the implementation of the National Bank branches in Jeddah and Riyadh.

The company recently signed contracts for the implementation of various new projects, the most important of which is the establishment and rehabilitation of fuel stations for Aramco, and another project for Alesayi Motors Company, with a total value of all projects amounting to about 54 million riyals, which confirms the good reputation that the company enjoys in various cities of the Kingdom, and its high capabilities to implement the most important projects with the highest efficiency and quality.

And based on its endeavor to develop its cadres and enhance their professional capabilities, Salem Balhamer Contracting Company was keen to organize training courses in the field of project management, safety awareness of risks, occupational safety, and other areas that contribute to the development and support of the cadre in the company and provide everything that is useful to them And what increases their scientific and practical experience.

The company includes among its basic resources a selection of national and foreign cadres with competence and experience in the fields of services provided by the company, which contributes to strengthening its leading role in the contracting sector in the Kingdom.

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